Sunday, September 27, 2009


it’s time for another mind blowing makeup tip. girls and boys, we sometimes underestimate the importance of our brows. a perfectly tweezed arch can give us a mini non-surgical face lift, brows truly frame our eyes and when done right can really open up our eyes. Most clients start the sculpting of their brows completely in the wrong place leaving the arch flat. so when tweezing or filling your brows in with color follow the simple chart below:

begin at point A, this is where you want the highest point of your arch to be, and connect it to B. now you have your highest point you can connect point C to point A. This will give you a brow with a perfect arch every time. using this method you can still decide how thick or thin you want your brow to be.

remember ladies, and my metro-sexuals, that each of us has a male and a female brow (all brows are NOT created equal). your female brow is your brow that is more beautifully arched and esthetically more pleasing, while your male brow is the one more unruly. when tweezing, you want to make your male brow look as close to your female brow as possible. and remember…you pluck a chicken and tweeze your eyebrows!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i think that there are just some things that i will never get use to….one of those things is going to a famous, or semi-famous, person’s hotel room and kicking it with them while i get them ready for an event. it just feels weird! Yesterday i had the opportunity to head over to the uber swankified CLIFT hotel ( and do hair and “make-up” for RACHEL ROY (, a fashion designer. she was so super sweet and so great to work for, it was sad that she was a little under the weather. she asked me to give her hair some volume at her crown and was into me blowing her hair dry using only my fingers. she wanted her ends to be textured. after steaming up the small little makeup room with my heat gun...aka blowdryer, i had to figure out a way to cool her off so she didn’t sweat out all my hard work. i used my master thinking skills and busted open the windows to get a breeze going through the suite. it was funny, because she actually crouched down to stick her head out the small opening in the window. she does her own makeup and only asked me to put some individual eyelashes on her, serious, like a whole package plus!!! She wanted them thick. rachel was in town to do a segment on a local television show – ViEW FROM the BAY -- and to promote her new affordable line at MACY’s. you can see my work and her interview at this URL:

check out her fashion, i found it incredibly cute and she is such a sweet girl i strongly recommend supporting her. i get to head down to monterey this weekend to do a fashion show for her and will have pictures from that for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's an ERA

i have been asked many times what is my favorite eye shadow color and my palette can’t lie – it’s ERA. this color is by MAC cosmetics ( and as they put it, "it is a soft golden beige with shimmer." it’s definitely my go to color for natural looking make-up or weddings. it can be used all over the lid or place it as the darker shadow for the crease. Of course it has a little sparkle to it so for crepe like eyes a good alternative would be malt, it’s a little more matte.

Monday, September 21, 2009


for those of you that don’t live in san francisco or the bay area and can’t grab yourself a copy of this months 7 x 7 magazine; i thought that I would share a few shots from the magazine and perhaps a couple not chosen.

the shoot was shot by the super cute and absolutely talented CHRiSTOPHER KERN (, styled by TAYLOR McCARTHY, and the model ALEX JAY was from LA. a fun little fact about her is she started her modeling career on JANiCE DiCKiNSON’s modeling agency, a reality show.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PLAiN JANE, her new cd

photographer: RAPHAEL mazzucco hair: BRENNAN at FORD makeup: ME

as part of my job i get to meet and work with many wonderful people, but every once in a while you run into someone who is beyond inspiring. a little over a year and a half ago i got to travel to vancouver canada and spend a day making one of their beautiful songstresses look glamorous; and along the way i fell in love with her. CHANTAL KREViAZUK ( is a woman with a gigantic voice and an even gigantic-er heart. i have been able to work with her, or maybe i should say on her, several times through out the year and have seen her as an incredible mom, talk with her about her many charitable contributions, and enjoyed her radiant soul. i wanted to share her with you because we don’t get to experience her here in the US. i strongly encourage you to check her out on itunes and for sure watch her new music video on -- the little boy catching butterflies is her oldest son ROWAN, he is so adorable.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


my hair and makeup work has been featured in many local magazines, my work has been on many online sites, my work has been in a couple national women’s magazines (shape magazine, women’s health, and fitness magazine). i am very grateful for all of the amazing jobs and people i have gotten to work with along the way, BUT my long-term goal is getting it in a magazine that has a bigger focus on fashion or makeup. today I have become one step closer to that goal…my work is featured in ALLURE magazine. although it wasn’t a five page spread, it was pretty amazing seeing it in the magazine. so if your in your local grocery store or book store pick up this months ALLURE and play the “can you find preston’s picture page.” watch out vanity fair here i come…

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


have you ever wondered, “what is he/she thinking?” here is a peek into the crazy that is me:

yep, that's right, i thought it would be amazing to take a striking girl and put her into a hamster cage! the whole idea was to put this girl in some ultra extraordinary workout gear and totally glam her out with rockin’ hair and beautiful makeup; then slather her up with baby oil to make it looks like she was glistening from running on the hamster wheel. i was only able to accomplish this AMAZiNG photo because of the terrific photographer BRYAN DAViS ( and the brilliant DENiSE GOMEZ (